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100 Square Inches of Art

100 Square Inches of Art pushes the creative powers of local and national artists to expressive their artistic vision inside of 100 square inches or less... no more. Art can be made into any form or shape as long as the total square inches used is equal to or less than 100 square inches (3D Artists get an extra 10 inches of depth for a total of 1000 cubic inches!). See color, see shape, see forms or figures, portraits or abstracts. All in a small form factor that is perfect for a holiday gift or a special addition to your personal art collection.

Thinking small encourages creative thinking and a sense of detail. How can working on a small scale help bring out your vision? How can a small art piece take on a large presence? How much art can an artist pack into a small space? Will the piece be 1" wide and 100" long, 10" x 10" or something else?

We are looking for all types of works--painting, sculpture, photography and more--works that show off your ability and creativity to work is a small space. Only 100 square inches will be allowed or less. However, the dimensions are up to you and multiple pieces can be submitted as a single diptych. Give viewers and collectors a chance to purchase a small piece of your artwork... The main criteria for selection is creativity and fresh approaches in the artwork and use of the small scale.


Exhibit Date: Friday, November 1, 2019 – Friday, November 29, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, November 1, 2019, 6-9pm

Deadline for Submission: Monday, September 23, 2019

Media Type: All Media

Juried By: 3SA Jury Members

Award Winners

3SA Gold
Ellen Ehrhardt

3SA Silver
Melissa Barbee

1st Honor
Ann Corbett

2nd Honor
Noreen Dixon

3rd Honor
Jim Digby

Brian Christensen

Exhibit Opening Reception Images


Karen Bailey, Fort Collins, CO

Melissa Barbee, Steamboat Springs, CO, website

Jim Barker, Fort Collins, CO, website

Jennifer Brakefield, Fort Collins, CO, website

Brian Christensen, Orem, UT, website

Bob Coonts, Fort Collins, CO, website

Ann Corbett, Kensington, MD, website

Alyse Dietel, Fort Collins, CO, website

Jim Digby, Loveland, CO, website

Elizabeth Dillman, Harrison, OH

Noreen Dixon, Fort Collins, CO, website

Ellen Ehrhardt, Firestone, CO

April Foster, Santa Fe, NM

Steve Foster, Santa Fe, NM

Janis Goldblatt, Fort Collins, CO

Diamante Lavendar, Green Bay, WI, website

Laura Martinez Bianco, Marlboro, NY, website

Jessica Paulk, Denver, CO

Susan Poindexter, Atlanta, GA, website

Cindy Reid, Fort Collins, CO

Lynn Schwebach, Fort Collins, CO, website

Juried By

3SA Jury Members

Amanda Gress
Craig McKee
Kumiko S. McKee

Currated By
Kumiko S. McKee