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COLOR 2019: 3rd Annual Exhibit

COLOR 2019, 3rd Annual Exhibit. Pure and raw. A splash of color, lines of colors, dabs of color, colored fabric, colored hair, color color color! Throw yourself full force into the world of color and unleash your creativity! This exhibit is going to highlight color in every way. The 3rd Annual COLOR Exhibit is here this 2019!

Color theory is taught in art foundation training. Remember the color wheel, primary colors, and secondary colors? And how they can play off each other. An entire generation of artists influenced by abstract expressionism created a movement called Color Field painting. This isn't the 50s and 60s when great artists like Mark Rothko, Joan Miro, Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Clyfford Stil roamed the streets of New York made their mark. However, we now have electronics, neon, LEDs, Post-It notes, computers, videos, markers, and endless other new arrays of materials and tools to use. We want to see what you can imagine when you get colorful!

We are looking for all types of works--painting, sculpture, photography and more--works that show off your ability and creativity with color. Small and large formats. Give viewers and collectors a chance to see what color can do for them... The main criteria for selection is creativity and fresh approaches in the artwork.

Juried By: 3SA Members


  • The COLOR 2019, 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition is open to any artist submitting original works of art created within the past 3 years (since 2016)
  • The enclosed entry/entries must be original work, independently created, composed and executed
  • No copies from other artists' works or paintings from other artists' photographs or from published material will be allowed. Source material must be original.
  • Artwork that previously exhibited at 3 Square Art Gallery are NOT eligible to submit


Exhibit Date: Thursday, September 12, 2019 – Friday, October 18, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 12, 2019, 6-9pm

Deadline for Submission: Monday, August 5, 2019

Media Type: All Media

Juried By: 3SA Jury Members

Award Winners

3SA Gold
Michael Bourque

3SA Silver
Stephanie Holznecht

1st Honor
Gail Wild

2nd Honor
Jim Barker

3rd Honor
Karin Bauer


Karen Bailey, Fort Collins, CO

Jim Barker, Fort Collins, CO, website

Karin Bauer, Bisamberg, Austria, website

Rochelle Berman, Miami, FL, website

Michael Bourque, Milton, MA, website

Nathan Bourque, Milton, MA

Chris Brooks, Calgary, Alberta, website

Bob Coonts, Fort Collins, CO, website

Ann Corbett, Kensington, MD

Ellen Ehrhardt, Firestone, CO

David Feingold, Freeland, MI, website

Lisa Flowers-Ross, Boise, ID, website

April Foster, Santa Fe, NM

Michele Hardy, Silverthorne, CO, website

Anita Hillsley, Fort Collins, CO, website

Gary Hixon, Fort Collins, CO, website

Stephanie Holznecht, Janesville, WI, website

Patty Hughes, Fort Collins, CO

Gordon Middleton, Loveland, CO, website

Anna Millitzer, Cincinnati, OH

Maria Pazos, Mountain View, CA, website

Gail Postal, New York, NY, website

Denise Presnell, Eau Claire, WI, website

Carol Schinkel, Fort Collins, CO, website

Lynn Schwebach, Fort Collins, CO, website

Guiditta Spurlin, Glen Haven, CO, website

Jimmy Trapp, Fort Collins, CO, website

Jim Whaley, Chilton, WI

Gail Wild, Fort Collins, CO, website

Juried By

3SA Jury Members

Amanda Gress
Craig McKee
Kumiko S. McKee

Currated By
Kumiko S. McKee