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New Horizons: Landscapes

New Horizons: Landscapes. Landscapes are one of the long-time subjects for artists taking in the beauty of their surroundings and representing what they see. But how has it changed in recent times? What new connections to our surroundings will be found or lost?

The landscapes around us are dramatically changing as well as our relation to nature. Furthermore, will we see landscapes as mere replications or photographs or can we apply color, light, design and texture to represent the larger essence of what we see or experience.

Just as impressionism, then cubism radically changed our perception of landscape art, what new interpretations are present today? We would like to see large as well as small formats. Broad strokes, fresh outlooks, meaningful dialogs, colorful blends or a monochromatic study... What's on the horizon for new landscape work?

We are looking for all types of works--painting, sculpture, photography and more--works that show off vision for landscape artwork. Small and large formats. Give viewers and collectors a chance to see the beauty of your landscape... The main criteria for selection is creativity and fresh approaches in the artwork.


Exhibit Date: Friday, July 20, 2018 – Friday, August 17, 2018

Opening Reception: Friday, July 20, 2018, 6-9pm

Deadline for Submission: Monday, June 18, 2018

Media Type: All Media

Juried By: 3 Square Art

Award Winners

3SA Gold
Bob Coonts

3SA Silver
Carol Schinkel

1st Honor
Chris Brooks

2nd Honor
Ella Albrecht

3rd Honor
Sally Mankus

Exhibit Opening Reception Images


Ella Albrecht, New Orleans, LA

Chris Brooks, Calgary, Al, website

Rosemary Buettgenbach, Fort Collins, CO

Cris Constantinescu, Fort Collins, CO, website

Bob Coonts, Fort Collins, CO, website

Leah Dockrill, Toronto, On, website

Janis Goldblatt, Fort Collins, CO, website

Debra Guess, Bagdad, KY, website

Lori Hanson, Angels Camp, CA, website

Linda Hanson, Sisters, OR, website

Michele Hardy, Silverthorne, CO, website

Cathy Immordino, Los Angeles, CA, website

Marc Jones, Loveland, CO, website

Lisa Lee-Jaure, Fort Collins, CO

Andrew Madison, Fort Collins, CO, website

Sally Mankus, Windsor, CO, website

Carol Marander, Fort Collins, CO, website

Gordon Middleton, Loveland, CO, website

Donna Miller Haggerty, Palm Desert, CA

Brian Rendon, Denver, CO, website

Carol Schinkel, Fort Collins, CO, website

Greg Speer, Fort Collins, CO

Don Vogl, Fort Collins, CO, website

Madeline Wilson, Longmont, CO

Mary Beth Woiccak, Houston, TX

Juried By

3 Square Art