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Figure That! 2nd Annual

The human figure has intrigued and inspired artists to paint beautiful and provocative images through the centuries. Artists use the figure for training purposes, creating an image of an important individual, for abstract and well as realistic imagery, for social commentary, design and more. Go figure that artists have found ways to portray the human body is nearly every possible way imaginable. Can you figure something that has never been tried before or will you utilize traditional methods? We want to see your best figurative work so Figure That out! Find a new take on the human figure.

We are looking for all types of works--painting, sculpture, photography and more--works that show off your ability and creativity with the human figure. Small and large formats. Give viewers and collectors a chance to see your best figurative work... The main criteria for selection is creativity and technical ability in the artwork.

Juried By: 3SA Jury


  • Figure That! 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition is open to any artist submitting original works of art created within the past 3 years (since 2016)
  • The enclosed entry/entries must be original work, independently created, composed and executed
  • No copies from other artists' works or paintings from other artists' photographs or from published material will be allowed. Source material must be original.
  • Artwork that previously exhibited at 3 Square Art Gallery are NOT eligible to submit


Exhibit Date: Thursday, August 1, 2019 – Friday, August 30, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 1, 2019, 6-9pm

Deadline for Submission: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Media Type: All Media

Juried By: 3SA Jury

Award Winners

3SA Gold
Amanda Gress

3SA Silver
Anne Feller

1st Honor
Mark Kreger

2nd Honor
Steven Roebuck

3rd Honor
Dave Hanson

Exhibit Opening Reception Images


Christopher Amend, Gillette, WY, website

Gina Blickenstaff, Fort Collins, CO

Christine Columbo, Crestone, CO, website

Todd Cookman, Fort Collins, CO, website

Bob Coonts, Fort Collins, CO, website

PK Das, Houston, TX, website

Mark Dierker, Dubuque, IA, website

Tyler Evin, West Fargo, ND, website

Anne Feller, Boulder, CO, website

Sabella Flagg, Seattle, WA, website

elle-je freeheart, Fort Collins, CO

Amanda Gress, Loveland, CO, website

Dave Hanson, Wellington, UT, website

Stacey Harris, Menifee, CA, website

Matt Hepworth, St Joseph, MO

Leora Hoshall, Cheyenne, WY

Mark Kreger, Denver, CO, website

Alexander Lisman, Arvada, CO, website

Erin McCarthy, Medford, MA, website

Irene Roderick, Austin, TX, website

Steven Roebuck, Milwaukee, WI, website

Joanna Sokolowska, Coram, NY, website

Susan Tatley, Kansas City, MO, website

Rebecca Wyko, Palm Desert, CA

Juried By

3SA Jury