Tanya Vallianos

Studio 105

Tanya Vallianos

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Artist Statement

Growing up as an artistic and sensitive child, immersed in the wild beauty of coastal North Carolina, I was in awe of the many wonders of nature, and the magical creatures that flourished within her rich environs. Early on, I discovered that making art brought me comfort and inspiration. It helped me understand and connect with a culture that felt out of sink with my own natural rhythms. This childlike curiosity continues to inspire my artistic vision.

My work illustrates my multi-layered path of psycho-spiritual transformation. Art making forges a deeper connection between my intimate truths and our culture. Inspired by indigenous, shamanic peoples, Buddhist philosophy, Jungian alchemy, sacred geometry, and ancient Greek mythos within a contemporary context, there is a merging of unconscious and conscious elements. The spirit and the material world fuse through line, shape, color, texture and symbolism, mirroring my need for simplicity, balance and a grounded connection to Earth and the Divine.

By confronting and challenging humanity's disconnect from our wild, spiritual essence, I hope to inspire a higher awareness. My art is a dialogue through which I nurture this outcome of connection, wholeness, and harmony.