Aristeo Jaure

Studio 106

Aristeo Jaure

Artist Statement

When I look at art, my first desire is to be moved in some way by the work. I want to see something I haven't seen before and want it to speak about the human condition. I want to explore all that man is, all that man can be and ultimately, I am searching and contemplating the greatness of God's creations in the modern context. People have always been my focal interest because I learned early on man is the measure of all things good and bad. We are the top of the food chain and therefore have the greatest effect on the world.

My paintings are done with two goals in mind. One is to be original and the other is to force the viewer to have a response beyond the typical opinions based on personal tastes. My paintings dig down and pull back the veil of ignorance and sometimes attack hypocrisies within our culture. Most works are personal to the artists who paint them, but I want my paintings to say something to everyone beyond the typical gaze of the pleased eye.