Noreen Dixon

Studio 204

Noreen Dixon

Artist Statement

I use a lot of texture in my art. This creates a rough, organic and raw surface for shapes to emerge, colors to play hide and seek, and in the end a beautiful one of a kind painting. I paint in abstract even when trying to suggest a landscape, figure or recreate a photograph for a client. My style is not about exact duplication. For me, art is timeless, and perceptive. An abstract representation of a moment that can't be pinned to a specific time or place, yet evokes an emotional response. When people comment they can 'feel the calm in the storm' or 'see beauty in the chaos', while looking at my paintings, I can tell that the art connection has been made. Art is personal, reflective of the individual that creates the art, and speaks to the person who enjoys the art.

I love commission work and creating personable works for clients. The joy and happiness of people that collect my art is the best compliment I could ask for.