Catherine Odom

Studio 204

Catherine Odom
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Artist Statement

One of my fondest memories growing up was opening a new box of crayons, taking a waxy whiff, then scanning those "never touched" pointed bright colors and choosing one , (or two or three), . . . glorious! Like a giddy child, I still get excited over simple things like the smells and sparkle of new art materials.? Always open to trying a new method, my artwork says that I am not afraid to push the boundaries. I typically am not content to stick to one medium, because for me that would be boring. That is why I like to say that Mixed Media Art chose me.

It may not come as a surprise that even my art heroes are diverse. Some of my favorite artists are:

Leonardo Da Vinci - for the graceful use of line in his drawings;

Claude Monet - for his soothing colors that invite the viewer into his peaceful sanctuary, (the man loved color, as do I);

Gustav Klimt - for his whimsical and yet elegant use of gold leaf, (his work is still emulated by artists to this day, including myself);

Joseph Cornell - "eccentric" doesn't begin to describe his assemblage boxes, I don't understand it, but just can't stop staring and loving it;

Austin Kleon - thank you for freeing me up to see art in a new way and stating it so beautifully;

Soo Sunny Park - mesmerized, I want to live in your pearly, shimmery, sea shell like installations;

and street artist Bumble Bee - you make me laugh and inspire me to not take life so seriously, to literally think outside the box (especially when it's a phone booth box), to see positive possibilities beyond what may appear ugly on the surface, and to try to make the world a better place than how I found it.

Telling a story with paint and brush based on my personal life events reveals that, like art making, sometimes life is messy. And whether celebrating times of joy or looking beyond the mess, there is hope. For me that hope rests in the loving hands of my heavenly Father. My goal is to connect the dots between my art and the viewer, so that we may discover together those things common in the human experience.