Kyla Hammel

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Kyla Hammel

KJean Photography Ltd and The Fort Collins Boudoir Studio
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Artist Statement

Kyla Hammel is a Colorado native photographer specializing in fine art portraiture. She began her business, KJean Photography, in 2009, which is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Her company specializes in photographing Weddings, Engagements, Portraits, Boudoir and Commercial Work across Colorado and at destination venues.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, Kyla has been heavily influenced by nature which is evident both in her love for adventure and her interested in creating art depicted in that environment. She is pulled to create works, both artistic and commercial, that are empowering yet gently filled with detail and emotion.

She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Colorado State University in 2014 and has heavily focused on women's portraiture, both her artistic work and within her company, since then. In 2015 she started The Fort Collins Boudoir Studio, which specializes in fine art women's portraiture and boudoir.


Her work is deeply routed in the essence of life, beauty, emotion and body empowerment. Kyla's work often details an intricate relationship between the human form and overpowering landscapes, creating an emotional pull between the created and the found idea of beauty.