Bonnie Lebesch

Studio 107

Bonnie Lebesch

Artist Statement

I integrate many ideas into my work because I see beauty all around me. Everything, from the bud of a flower to a pile of crumbling concrete, has an inherent pattern, geometry, or texture that reflects its core being. I bring that tactile essence into my art. I ask you to notice the associations you draw from momentary threads conjured up by the art. Without a recognizable subject, abstract art begs you to listen to your heart, not to your head.

I tend to create in series. This allows an idea to grow into a body of work organically and gives me room to explore various mediums. I'm currently working with acrylic, wood and mixed media. Since receiving an MFA in video installation, I've worked with digitally manipulated photography, photographic collage, digital illustration, colored pencil, acrylic, and fibers. In 2016, I worked with Elizabeth Morrisette on creating the window murals at the Fort Collins Carnegie Center for Creativity.

Bonnie Lebesch is a nationally celebrated artist, designer, and teacher whose life and work are informed by practices in mindfulness, intentional healing, and tai chi. Bonnie received an MFA from New York University and a BFA from the University of Illinois. She had a career as an artist and designer in Seattle's high-tech industry before dedicating herself fully to fine art. She currently lives and works in Fort Collins, CO.