April Nabours

Studio 107

April Nabours

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Artist Statement

My educational background is in graphic design, but for the last 13 years, I've primarily been a stay-at-home mom. During that time however, I've dabbled in many creative fields. I've worked in photography, face painting, sewing, paper art and jewelry design. The simple thread that ties all my work together--I enjoy beautiful things, I love to create, and I love sharing those creations with others.

This past year, a family friend introduced me to the art of life casting, and I really fell in love with the process. I love that life casting allows you to capture a moment in a very literal way, and yet there is still so much room for creative expression. I hope to provide people with a very tactile memory that they can hold and touch, and present it in a way that's very meaningful to them.

I enjoy casting hands, because they can really tell a story about an individual or a relationship, but I also plan to offer maternity castings, baby hands and feet, and various other types of body castings. I'm really excited to continue learning and growing in this art form and see where it leads me.