Tom Dauenheimer

Studio 103

Tom Dauenheimer
845-239-7872 [M]

Artist Statement

Tom is from the small town of Chester, New York. After earning a Diploma of Distinction in the Fine Arts from Monroe-Woodbury High School, he pursued a BFA at Pace University in New York City. While enrolled there, he studied abroad in South Africa at the University of Cape Town. Since then, he has travelled globally visiting Greece, Italy, Canada, Jamaica, and Thailand, and has done several cross-country road trips, spending time in about 20 different states across the United States. Tom's habit for traveling is coupled with a desire to experience the vast multitude of nature and culture worldwide in order to better cultivate his own understanding of life and to feed his inspiration to create art.

Tom mainly works in oil and acrylic paint, combining aspects of traditional and abstract painting to emphasize the beauty and excitement inherent in the people, animals, and landscapes featured in his paintings. Tom also experiments in sculpture, performance art, installation, and musical composition. As a musician, Tom's visual language is greatly influenced by his musical influences