Years ago as a young wife and mother Life seemed filled with little space for my time! Our little boy struggled with medical issues and my amazing husband worked so many hours to support us I was sure he was never going to sleep again. Jesus and my family kept me afloat! I have always drawn, but never really dedicated myself to art and then by a miracle I met a kind person that like to sing on line like I do as fun faith filled stress relieve. So then he ask me what type of art I painted, so I showed him a painting of Arizona Cactus and he fell I love with it and ask me to his book cover on Amazon, Summer of the Samurai by T.R. Freeman and he asked that I have a web page so it could be printed on the inner page of his eBook!

I am far from perfect but I try every day to do what is right and pray that I can stand strong in the wind storms that blow my way, and that I am inspired to paint with conviction and love that spills out onto the hearts of others in profound ways that they may not understand but they feel!