The things we see or perceive around us embody memorized images of some day. But we cannot retrieve, view and feel those memories as the first time experience. Daily affairs, person, emotions are blurry and fade as time goes and they become opaque forming a layer of opaque.

My artworks started with a question about our subjective view referring to our things. Especially the used thing makes me to look at it with filtering out the perspective intervention due to a cognition of 'someone's thing'. The impressive painting hanging in someone�s house gradually became like a wall no one looked at, and the adorable stuffed animal on a table which became a thing without another look more wherever it was placed, all of these are remain the traces of time. I presented with materialization of our subjective view: that is gradually faded as time goes away from the blurry memories: into a clear stretch wrap that is covering the thing in layers, and show the layers of time. Wrapping over and over again is make us to get an objective view that could finally allowed us to let the things go as facing them every moment.

An opaque wrap that covered the memorized image in layers like the strata make us to realize our subjective view. I would like the people who watch these opaque layers covering the thing to realize their subjective screen changes every moment, and our daily affairs are like as this phenomenon so I hope people to aware the viewing our life opaquely changes as well. The objective things stay stationary and will fade away in the layers of time as following and winding us.