I tend to be most responsive to tactile stimulus and have always responded to my environment through all things with texture. I am drawn to rust and heavily corroded metal, corduroy fabric and old sun bleached, weathered barn wood. I like to run my hands over tree bark, rough leather and feel course beach sand between my toes. I prefer multi-grain bread, tortilla chips and crunchy granola.

So, it came as no surprise to me that I felt the need to start my paintings with varied forms of textured surface and then work and rework it to achieve the surface relief result that I'm looking for. It's the textured surface that grabs and guides the paint, suggesting to me a direction and purpose for the painting.

As a result, I'm often asked by someone that is experiencing one of my paintings, if they can touch it. I say, of course, but with your eyes closed, tell me, now what is the vision that you feel?