An artist's vision is just that, the way the artist envisions their subject and the world around them. It is that creative perception that sparks the imagination to depict things either as they really exist, or as they exist to the artist in that moment. The latter is how I choose to share my vision of the world. I am a lover of color and texture. I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame. All colors appeal to me, but for now it is the bold ones that have hold of my heart. What if there really could be multi colored cactus and turquoise moose... there are, but we only see certain colors because of absorption and reflection. What if we could lift the veil and see a multitude of colors? Then the reality of turquoise moose and cactus blooms of many colors would be our reality! Oh sure, it might be overwhelming if everything showed all of the colors at once, but if we could catch glimpses of that, just think... my works are those glimpses.