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Petz & Animalz

Petz & Animalz stampede and stock the 3 Square Art Gallery this January & February 2019! See the fury, the friendly, the fierce and the wild. See how local and national artists create art using the subject of Petz and Animalz (what does the z stand for you say? Maybe the z is for zebra.. or zillions of new ideas.. or something new and different than just the typcial s !?)

Pets and animals have been an ongoing theme in art. Artists use animals in their work as the sole subject or with other figures and scenery to convey emotions and ideas that were previously unimaginable. From the earliest cave paintings to modern abstract works of art, pets and animals conjure our imagination of the wild or of the close and loyal friend. They create emotions and themes that we can relate to. Our bond with animals is as old as the notion of family. Bring out the purr of a kitten or the roar of a lion using realism or abstraction.

We are looking for all types of works--painting, sculpture, photography and more--works that show off your ability and creativity to work with the subject of pets and animals. Give viewers and collectors a chance to see your capabilities... The main criteria for selection is creativity and fresh approaches in the artwork and use of the subject matter.

Accepted artists will be Juried for Gold and Silver cash prizes and 1st and 2nd Honorary awards. All accepted artists will be posted on the 3 Square Art website and our social media platforms. Top artists will be selected by 3 Square Art to be represented in our online gallery coming in 2019.

Juried by Bob Coonts


Exhibit Date: Thursday, January 31, 2019 – Friday, February 22, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 31, 2019, 6-9pm

Deadline for Submission: Sunday, December 23, 2018

Media Type: All Media

Juried By: Bob Coonts - Award Winning Fine Artist

Award Winners

3SA Gold
Victoria & Julius Lisi

3SA Silver
Gordon Middleton

1st Honor
David Norwood

2nd Honor
Jennifer Krueger

Exhibit Images

Exhibit Opening Reception Images


David Anthony, Fort Collins, CO, website

Rebecca Bianucci, Cookeville, TN

Rosemary Buettenbach, Fort Collins, CO

Billie Colson, Loveland, CO, website

Susan Fox, McKinleyville, CA, website

Cynthia Groves, Columbus, OH

Jennifer Krueger, San Tan Valley, AZ

Tammy Kushnir, Chalfont, PA, website

Victoria & Julius Lisi, Fort Collins, CO, website

Carol Marander, Fort Collins, CO, website

Gordon Middleton, Loveland, CO, website

Marilyn Morningstar, Fort Collins, CO, website

David Norwood, Eaton, CO

Beatrice Rudolph, Fort Collins, CO, website

Robert Ryan, Sacramento, CA, website

Alyson Singer, Fort Collins, CO, website

Juried By

Bob Coonts
Award Winning Fine Artist

Bob Coonts


In 1963 Bob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in graphic design and painting from Colorado State University in Ft. Coillins, CO, where he also served as affiliate faculty from 1971 to 2003. To enrich his years of experience and previous education, Bob steeped himself in workshops, seminars and classes during the 1990's. In 1994, following 31 successful years in graphic design and illustration, Bob launched his fineart career. He paints, sculps and dreams in his home studio north of Ft. Collins where he and his wife Sallie live near a lake with a view of the magnificent Rocky Mountains.

About Bob Coonts